About us

Blue Ocean Maldives

We are thrilled to introduce you to Blue Ocean Maldives, a company that started in 2017 and is now based both in Spain and the Maldives.

Our extensive team is made up of Maldivian professionals with recognized experience both in the services and tourism fields, ranging from photographers to guides, captains, sailors, cooks, etc. Our goal is to offer personalized attention and an exquisite and professional service, so our client experiences the Maldivian dream.

We strive to offer you the best possible experience in our surf trips, resorts, diving and fishing.

Our team

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    Dany Greaves

    Founder of Blue Ocean Maldives. In charge of all logistics in the Maldives. Surfer and ocean lover. Bachelor’s in Marine Sciences from the University of the Canary Islands.

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    Daniel Fraile

    Co-founder of Blue Ocean Maldives. In charge of all logistics in Spain. Surfer, ocean lover and fishing passionate.

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    Carlos García

    Well-known surf coach at national level, extensive experience and knowledge in surfing, taking young promises to the top of the national and international scene. Counting on his knowledge, speeches, video corrections and analysis of your surfing, you can improve and take your surfing skills to a next level.

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    Tomás Oran

    Our Wellness Coach. Specialist technician in physical activity, biomechanics and neuromuscular techniques, osteopathy and chiromassage. Chinese medicine doctor and meditation practitioner following Buddhist techniques and philosophy for 18 years. You will receive both theoretical and practical talks, from Tomas’ techniques and methods you will learn how to achieve a better understanding of our body and our mental and physical health; that will help you improve both your surfing and your everyday life.

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    One of our photographers, passionate about water sports. His experience and great personality get reflected in the photos he takes in the water.

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    Expert surf guide and professional photographer, he is our head of guides and photographers in Maldives.

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    Diego Borges

    National and internationally well-known professional videographer. Having him in some of our trips is an opportunity for us to take advantage of his high-quality editions.

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    Mariana Crew

    Our team in Mariana is made up of professionals with extensive experience in the different tasks on board. All, the captain, sailors, cooks… will go out of their way to make your experience unforgettable.