Travel advice


Public Health Emergency regarding the Covid-19 Pandemic has been revoked on 13th March 2022.

Important Notes;

  • All arriving and departing passengers via airports and seaports are required to complete the Traveler Declaration form within 72 hours to the flight time.
  • PCR result is not mandatory from any passenger during arrival and departure. This applies to unvaccinated travelers as well.
  • Travel-related quarantine is not required by any traveler. However, except the arriving tourists and Maldivians (residing in the Maldives) to the Maldives, other travelers are advised to do a PCR test between the 3rd and 5th day of arrival.

In addition, before flying, you must fill out an online health declaration for the Maldivian government. For Spain every 15 days the entry requirements to Spain are updated, in addition to filling in a link, PCR is not necessary as long as the complete vaccination guidelines and the European certificate are available, since it must be presented at the airport of Male before boarding and upon arrival at destination in Spain. In case of not being vaccinated, a PCR test must be carried out 24 hours before the return flight in one of the local islands that have an official laboratory that has this service, in this case it is approx 150USD. at the customer’s expense. If you are from another country you must check with your authorities wich are the conditions to flight back. In case of testing positive in the Maldives, you must comply with quarantine in a place authorized by the authorities and the cost of the stay is payed by the client (there is insurance for this point, the same insurance brokerage that offers travel insurance that includes surfing also covers Covid).

Maldives health declaration link:

Spanish health declaration from (flight back):

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