Southern Atolls

Huvadhoo and Addu Atolls

Huvadhoo and Addu Atolls (referred often as the Southern Atolls) are located in the most southern section of the Maldives.

Although these waves tend to be smaller than some of the more northerly atolls, the south-facing coastline really opens the breaks up to the southern swells that flood the area in the summertime. Since a clean southern swell is about all you could ask for at these breaks, the result is waves with a ton of power and heaps of opportunities to get shacked. These southerly atolls differ from the northerly atolls in not providing perfectly shaped or soft-breaking waves. These waves break fast and throw hard, with a whole lot of power—probably best suited for advanced surfers or at least daring intermediates.

Tigers: (Tiger Stripes; Rockets) This long, wrapping left breaks over a coral reef with parallel grooves like the stripes of a tiger. With a solid swell the tricky take-off leads into a long wall that wraps around and gets faster and steeper into a final barrel section.

Antiques: Across the channel from Tigers, its right handed twin is a smaller wave, easier to handle – better for beginners, especially when the swell is bigger.

Love Charms: Very reliable left-hander works on any swell, but changes as the swell gets bigger. At low tides with a small swell, it has two sections starting with a hollow wall then some nice little pockets. When it’s bigger, the sections join up in a long, solid wall with a series of barrels.

Two Ways:(Twin Peaks; Booga Reef)A more relaxed wave that goes both left and right off the southern tip of the reef. It works at all tides, breaking into deeper water than many of the shallow reefs around, so it’s good for intermediate surfers and a fun wave for everyone. The right needs a slightly bigger swell, but they both work at any swell over a metre with long, peeling walls.

Five Islands:(Gani Point)On the southeastern corner of the same reef pass, this long and solid right-hander needs a south swell and a mid- to high tide (can be dangerously shallow at low tide). Needs a swell of well over a metre and handles twice that and more. When the section link up, it’s a long, hollow, barrelling and very fast wave for advanced surfers.

Bluebowls: (Voodoos)At the eastern tip of Vaadhoo island, the reef point forms a long, wrapping right hand wave. Good at all tides, and protected from onshore winds, it works on small and large swells but is ideal around 1.5 to 2m with a westerly wind, when it has a whole series of bowl sections linked by smooth walls. Fun wave for shredders and longboarders alike.

Castaways: (Dhiraagu)Breaking over the eastern tip of an isolated reef, this right hander is definitely for high tides. The take off is easy, but gets steep fast, and shoots into the speedy end section over shallow reef. A great wave when the swell gets to 2m or more.

Beacons:On the western edge of the Fiyoari channel, Beacons is one of the most powerful Maldives surf breaks. A fierce and fickle right, it’s strictly for skilled and serious surfers. Needs a clean southwestern swell to make it peel along the edge of a shallow reef, forming an epic tube. Southeast or even southern swells will close out unpredictably onto the coral.